Heart of the Wilderness

About Me

I started walking in the mountains as a child with my parents. Since then I've progressively developed my mountaineering skills and enjoy scrambling, rock climbing and general mountaineering. Although I've mostly walked and climbed in the mountains of the UK my mountain adventures have taken me to the Alps and New Zealand.


I am a qualified Mountain Leader (ML) and live in North Wales with my wife and two children. Being in the mountains holds a special place in my heart, where I can drink in the beauty, be uplifted and inspired by nature and the dramatic landscape. Come and join me in a mountain adventure.


Kind Regards

Dale Marshall

About Heart of the Wilderness

Through Heart of the Wilderness I aim to guide you in discovering the beauty, tranquillity and wildness of Snowdonia's mountains. Living locally I have extensive knowledge of the mountains of Snowdonia and can tailor your day to your requirements.


I know from guiding people in the mountains and my professional experience as a mental health practioner that being amongst nature can have a positive benefit on our emotional wellbeing. Through Heart of the Wilderness I hope that you will not only enjoy and connect to your spirit of adventure, but feel uplifted by your experience - much needed in the stress of modern day living.


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